A middle eastern cuisine located in North Kerala, Malappuram. JusGril is a low-cost industrial framework structure with an area of 2000 sq ft. As the name implies, JUS GIL is a French word with the meanings of "juice" and "grill." Nested within the residential neighborhood, the design takes all the precautions necessary to undisturbed the residences around it and also seeks to provide a relaxing experience after a tiring day at work or a quick hangout session with friends. It's a good spot for celebrating special days. This is a restaurant situated next to a football field and its office space. The main exterior element of this design is asbestos-cement sheets. In the interior, these materials are mainly placed on the ceiling. The location is a less-populated, unappealing spot, so the design should stand out with an arresting nature. Still, we want to keep the modest nature, which makes us bring out a green and red palette. The journey starts with a name board of round metal shelled design covers with a tastefully planted facade and the existing road barriers. In the evening, the restaurant is lit up with a warm "C" profile.

During the design process, the main concern is to make the matches that are held on the existing football field transparent. The design process starts with the main contour of a 6 m level difference, providing the entrance of the restaurant from the second floor of the structure and the existing entrance from the 0 level to the existing office space. The slanted wall and slanted ceiling in the facade are intended to clear out the visual barrier from the access road by the center tree and make the portion a storage and electrical service area. The slanted wall is enhanced with the "jus gril" logo. To distract from the open, messy character of the kitchen, checkerboard patterns are provided in the walls, along with a bright red ceiling.

To balance the interior's grey tone, red tint furniture elements are used in the main dining area. the existing structure, create a slanted beam for the stair support, and give the triangular windows for the main seating area. The reflected mirror partition gives an elegant nature to the resting space, behind-the-scenes plants bring more greenery to the interior without any hindrance to circulation.

The perforated metal paneled partition makes a semi-private seating counter along with the aesthetic element of the interior. The hanging appearance of the dining tables creates a flawless view in the main seating area of the restaurant; this will obey the thought process of the client in order to connect the customers to the surrounding football field ambiance. The half-fluted glass in the main entrance and the “sheesha” corner form a barrier to locals roaming around the restaurant. The foodie pattern on the ceiling gives the customers a craving vibe.


The "sheesha" space on the second floor creates a pleasant gaming atmosphere along with the "sheesha" spot. The slanted ceiling in the sheesha corner connects the facade feature to the interior. There is a full-stretch outdoor stair connecting the three floors; this buffer zone creates an aesthetically pleasing and livable space. In order to enhance the cantilevered part of the structure, a bright red tone is applied.

To amplify the visual movement, the first floor is a transparent space with low ceilings. In order to make the space feel more curious, choose bright red furniture with faded wood patterns. As we enter the dining space, it is divided by black and white Moroccan tile. The lean character of furniture on the first floor counteracts the low ceiling height and gives us a clear vista. The open seating space still covers the privacy of the space without being a nuisance to the surrounding residence. The capacity of the resto-café is 80 people with proper zoning and sufficient space for car parking for the convenience of the visitors. The MS fabrication of the whole structure follows the client requirement of a structure that is dismantled and completely reused.

Almost all furniture is custom-made with the existing colour palette. Some sets of light fixtures are also custom made. The restaurant logo is purely our design, which explains the type of food items provided in the resto-café. The logo explains the grilled Middle Eastern food items and beverages.


Designed by : Is design spot 

Client : jus gril restro

Category : Commercial

Status : 2066 sqft

Location: Ponmundam bypass, Malappuram, Kerala 

Duration of project: 6 months 

Year of completion: 2022

Plot area : 70.3 cents

Project cost approx.  : 15 lakhs

Principal Architect  : Ar. Selva sidiq.N 

Photograph courtesy : Visualethics 

Product/Material/vendors: Industrial works _ metallo the metal stories /Furniture_stylo furniture /Glass doors and glass windows _ Glasco /Lighting _ changi /plants_ Organo rock garden